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This site is maintained by the people in Reksteren.

Ufortunately we do not have the capacity to keep up an english version, but these are the main facts:

Reksteren is an island of approximately 37 square kilometers with less than 200 regular inhabitants. It is part of the municipality of Tysnes, situated just west of the Hardangerfjord, an hour and a half south of Bergen, the capital of western Norway.

Because of its nearness to Bergen, and its large areas of varied and mostly untouched nature, it has for decades been a much sought after place for holiday homes. So much so, that some claim the population in the middle of the summer multiplies by a factor of ten.

Anyway - the pictures tell most of the story. There are pictures (some can be enlarged by clicking on them) on all of the sites' pages, and the page named "Bilete" contains an album of images from Reksteren.

And "Kart" contains maps.

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